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Why Choose Solar Pool Covers?

When it comes to keeping your pool much warmer and free of debris, Your missing the boat if you don’t install solar pool covers.

Soar pool covers are extremely effective at reducing the evaporation rate of the water in your above ground or your in-ground pool.

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Evaporation is the absolute number one reason it takes so much energy to heat and keep the water in your pool at the optimum level and temperature.


Nobody likes jumping into a pool only to find out that the water is way too cold and too shallow as well.

Solar pool covers are very beneficial for protecting your swimming pool water. For keeping water clean and free of leaves and other debris, it is very important to cover the water in your pool.


When the pool is not being used It should stay covered. This will reduce the amount of debris that can infiltrate the pool and contaminate the water, as well as keep the water at a warmer temp.

Solar Pool Covers (aka) pool blankets are absolutely the most effective way to reduce heating costs as well as the cost it takes to refill the pool with fresh water.


Three major factors contribute to the evaporation rate of the water in your pool and affect the costs of heating and replacing the water that is lost through evaporation

· The Temperature

· Relative Humidity

· The wind speed at the pool surface

If your pool is in the direct sunlight all day, The water will gradually get warmer as it soaks up the energy from the sun.


However, on the other hand it will also evaporate at a higher rate.

The evaporation rate will increase even more dramatically in a dry arid climate because of the lack of humidity.


And, when you factor in the wind speed at the pool surface, the evaporation rate increases even more.

What Can You do about these factors?

There are a couple things that you can do to help reduce the energy loss and consumption.


One of the most obvious and easiest remedies is to install a solar pool cover. That will definitely help you save money and time.

Another thing you can do is to build or install a wind break. A privacy fence will not only help you secure your pool area, but will also provide protection from the wind.


When you are choosing the place to put your pool, try to find a spot in your yard that has or gets a large amount of afternoon sun and that is also somewhat protected from the wind by trees or maybe a building or a privacy fence.

You want to choose an area that has a lot of south western exposure so your pool gets the most from the afternoon sun.


These are just a few of the ways to save time and money when trying to keep your pool safe,fun and stress free

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