If you are told to name some prominent cities around the world, I’m sure New York will be among the top in the list. It is one city of United States that is equally popular all across the globe. It is a diverse metropolitan that has cultural diversity, large population, center of art and science, famous foods and a variety of entertainment and recreational attractions. Whether you are visiting as a tourist, on a business trip or simply for purpose of settling down, New York is ideally suited for all types of people. There are a large variety of places that you can visit and enjoy. Some of the places to visit in New York include the following:

· Empire State Building:

Once popular all around the world as the tallest man made building, the Empire state Building is a masterpiece of art and architecture. Visit to New York is regarded as incomplete without going to this magnificent tower. It is a historical landmark that must on top of your things to do list in New York.


· The Statue Of Liberty:

Considered as the very identity of the US nation, Lady liberty standing tall with all its grandeur and magnificence is a master piece for all. Located on the Harbor of New York City, it was first erected in 1886. Since then it is shining star of all visitors and residents of the city of lights. The Statue of Liberty was originally presented by the French people to the Americans as a token of peace and harmony. There are number of tours operators that will guide you about this amazing statue.

· Metropolitan Museum of Art:

For all the lovers of art and beauty, the Met is the best place to visit in New York. With over 2 million master pieces, you can find a humungous collection of arts from 5000 thousand years of historical and glorious past.


· American Museum of National History:

From the dinosaur era to the modern hi tech world, this museum shows it all. Spread over the entire period of human history, the museum has been one of the top places to visit in New York City over several years.


These were only a few places that you may visit when you go to New York. The number of tourist attractions and amazing things you can do in this city are infinite.

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