For almost all the web designers, PDF to JPG Converter is a kind of an asset that has really proved to be of greater important to a larger extent. The images that are mostly received from clients are in PDF format and are usually to be used directly on the web as per their preferences. To convert them into usable images, one need to compromise over the quality, but with the PDF to JPG Converter software convertor the image can easily be changed without much concentration on the quality.

When considering PDF to JPG conversions, there are two options provided to you. These are the offline converters and the online versions. For one to decide on the best option, he or she needs to have an information concerning the features and the advantages of both.


PDF to JPG Converter:

The PDF to JPG Converter is available on http://pdf-to-jpg-convert.en.softonic.comand at the company’s website at

Benefits of offline converter

· No need for connection to the internet: Considering the offline converters, one just needs the internet connection of which to download the software for converting. Once you are done, this can change PDF files into JPG without using internet. With this, you don’t have to mind about the conversion getting affected by slow internet connection. This guarantees you a conversion from PDF to JPG in cases where internet connection is not available.


· No regulations on the conversion to be made: Most of the online software converters are limited to a specific number of conversions one can do in a day. However, this is different in offline converters. One can make several conversions as in a day

· No data are required: Offline PDF to JPG Software can be the most suited choices for you. You only need usage of data when uploading the software, thereafter no internet data will be used


Advantages of Online Software Converter

· It operates through the browser, meaning that it can easily work well with all the systems, in regardless of whether one uses a Mac or Linux, Windows


· Converting into the cloud: The procedure of extracting images from takes place within the cloud system. Hence, no processing power would be drained from your computer, though all of this requires a fast internet connection.

· Secured online conversions: With online converter software your JPG and PDF files may not be erased from the server after conversion is done. But upload-able PDF to JPG software doesn’t upload individual files to any particular server hence the security of a document is protected.


The converter helps the web designer in choosing the resolution of the image. The converter supports the dots per inch setting that is used in adjusting the resolution. The higher the dots per inch, the higher the resolution of the image that is converted.


The PDF to JPG software converter allows the user in selecting a particular folder to save converted images. For a novice web designer, money is saved with the PDF to JPG software converter in a way that there are no restrictions to convert the images. When you exceed the limited number of conversions using the online converter, a specific amount of money needs to be paid.


With the converter, a number of images can be converted without having in mind on the number. With a single click, batch of conversion is easily performed with the soft solutions PDF to image converter, unlike online conversion that is done one after the other.

With the best quality PDF to JPG, one will always find things very easy. However, carrying out the conversion process on the web can be a good idea.


A video tutorial of the software is also available at

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