The dreaded checklist. The single most important document when it comes to the tenancy and end of tenancy. The checklist is a written document given by your landlord about the cleaning and repair requirement once you decide to leave. The purpose of the checklist is to leave zero doubts in the mind of the tenant and the landlord the terms of cleaning requirements.

Generally speaking the house has to be left in pristine condition. One general practice is to take before and after photographs of the house for comparison purposes. So in short the before and after photos need to be same. Any change between the two potentially comes out of your security deposit. The checklist includes mirrors, windows, floors, furniture, beds, etc. The list is extensive and covers all areas about cleaning and proper working of household items such as radiator and appliances. In addition, the landlord may also have specific demands he would like to have met so everything needs to be taken care of before the tenant moves out.


The list serves a number of functions and following are illustrated below

The checklist presets the task that needs to be achieved when the tenancy ends. It is in crystal clear terms and serves as a useful guide on which tasks have to be completed before the moving out process is complete. In the checklist the landlord states in the clearest terms what he expects the tenant to do before he leaves and claims his security deposit. Once the terms of reference are clear it prevents from needless arguments over what was expected and what was not.

When a list of tasks are already set, it is much easier to focus and tick them off one by one as they get complete. Typically it is advisable to seek professional help from experts that perform these tasks every day. Cleaning companies with the likes of Shineline LTD are uniquely places to best assist you with the moving out process and ensure the entire checklist is completed according to the agreement between the tenant and the landlord. Inspection and completion become that much easier and needless headache is avoided.

To ensure a smooth transition is advised to proceed one step at a time because there a number of areas to be covered. As we mentioned earlier household fixtures need to be in perfect working condition. Among them household appliances that was already installed are key. Make sure that nothing is defective and it is cleaned, otherwise it will cost you.


In the end what matters both parties are fully aware of the terms of agreement to prevent anything unpleasant. It helps a long way in avoiding conflict else it leaves lots of confusion for both the parties involved. Checklists simplify a rather complicated and difficult procedure, but be sure to see that the job is given to seasoned professionals like Shineline LTD otherwise there is a major chance that the moving our process will be long drawn and full of pain. In the end the choice is squarely in your hands.

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