Today I stand tall and proud…but I didn’t always.

In fact, for most of my life I was invisible. Well, okay, not so entirely invisible that you could see right through me but I didn’t stand out. I was the guy that fit best in the background because I was shy, introverted and most importantly, I slouched.

It not only affected my appearance, it even affected how I felt about myself. I didn’t feel confident enough to stand up to anything so I usually just got bullied. I can’t begin to count the number of times I had my lunch or homework stolen just because I never fought back.


A Posture Brace For Men: My Aha Moment..

Then one day I read about someone who sounded a lot like me who changed their life around. They completely transformed themselves with thanks to a single device – a posture brace for men.

I know, I didn’t quite believe it was possible myself but I kept reading the article. It was as if I had written it myself. It discussed the low self-esteem, the beatings, teasing and social awkwardness. It even mentioned the pain.


Poor Posture Can Contribute To Health Problems

Not just the mental pain and anguish, but it talked about the headaches, neck and back pain. I silently suffered all of these for years thinking they were caused by my lack of sleep or concentration. According to this article I was reading, it was the other way around. The poor posture was the cause of the headaches, neck and back pain which contributed to lack of sleep and focus.


What if A Posture Brace Could Help Me?

It wasn’t long before I was sold on the idea that my life was missing that one tool that could turn everything around – a posture brace. But what were they like and how did they work? The only braces I could even try to imagine were of the heavy metal, injury recovery type that more resembled a torture device than a device meant to bring comfort.


I searched online and came across far more choices than I could ever imagine. It was not an easy choice but I eventually settled on a model that I could wear under my clothes. I could hardly wait for it to arrive.


I Finally Received My Package....

When I received the package and held it in my hands I could not believe it. Before I opened anything I reminded myself that I now possessed something that was going to change my life forever and that I’d better be prepared for some very different and very amazing changes to take place. I tore open the packaging and was astonished


And I Felt A Bit Overwhelmed!

This mass of straps, fabric and instructions were about to transform me from what I was to what I am today. It was a bit much to take. I had to sit down for a moment to let it absorb. I then paced the room for about an hour. I have to admit, as anxious as I was to make this giant leap into a new me, it also scared the crap out of me


What if it didn’t work?

What if it worked too well?

What if I had been ripped off by one of the bullies at school who intercepted my mail and tossed together some stuff and mailed it to me to make it look as if I now owned the one tool that could change the world I lived in?


I Procrastinated....Made Myself A Cup Of Tea

I sat down again. My gaze was fixed on the torn apart packaging and pile of fabric, straps and instructions. I knew I had to dig into it sooner or later if I really wanted to prove to myself that I could become far more than “Slouchy Boy” or “Hunchback” as they used to call me in the playground, neighbourhood and online. I knew I had to do it – I had to read the instructions and figure out how to get this thing on.


I made some herbal tea.

I watched some TV.

I had a shower.

I went for a walk around the block and when I got home I snatched the package and dumped out the instructions. I matched drawings to pieces of fabric and straps that were all tangled together. I laid everything out on the top of my bed and methodically went about the process of putting on my first ever posture brace.


My Brace Felt Very Comfortable...

It was mostly comfortable because I ordered one with extra padding. It was completely adjustable as I ordered one with complete adjustability. I wrapped the straps around the back of my shoulders and made full use of the Velcro fasteners. It wasn’t long before I was completely bound up in this device designed to make me look and feel better and remedy my headaches, neck and back pain.


I Straightened Up...

It gently pulled my shoulders back into a position they have rarely been in. My spine was pulled into alignment and I instantly noticed a change in my breathing. I could take deeper breathes and it felt…good. I put on a shirt over top of the brace and looked in a mirror. I was standing straighter. I felt ten feet tall although in reality it made me probably two or three inches taller. I started to strut around the house. It felt good.


That Girl I Liked Actually Saw Me For The First Time!!

I then ventured outside wearing my secret weapon under a shirt and jacket. The girl I see at the bus stop frequently watched me approach her and actually said ‘hi’ to me. I’ve secretly been watching her for months. This was the first time she has ever spoken to me.


She asked if I was from around here as she had never seen me before. I had to think about that for a moment and I realized that when I was walking normally I slouched and when I did I hung my head down. I rarely made eye contact with anyone. Right at this very moment, the girl who had just noticed me was actually looking up to me as I towered over her.

My Life Has Changed For The Better

Yes, the posture brace changed my life and it will change yours. I sleep soundly now as I don’t have the headaches, neck or back pain that I used to have. My shoulders are wide and pulled back and I am full of confidence in each and everything thing I do. I don’t even wear my secret weapon as much as I used to anymore. I’ll slip it on for 15-minutes in the morning and another 15-minutes at night and that’s all I need to hold me in place.


But don’t take my word for it…try a posture brace for yourself

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