Living in Morocco can be an amazing experience. Waking up and looking at hardworking people with many good manners and a great culture. Having fun in Jmaa el Fnaa, traveling to amazing places like Casablanca, Fez and Chaouen, eating amazing food, going to the Sahara Desert; many things you can do in this beautiful country and you will never get tired about them.

But what happens when you decide to finish the Morocco Tours and you do not want to leave the country? You need something new in your life, a new experience, a new dialect, and finally you decide to live here and you realize how good things are when you live in Morocco.


So, if you spend more than five months for example, you will become a Moroccan even if you do not want to and there are simple things that will change your life in a good way and you did not used to do these things before.

One of the most famous things about Morocco is tea. Drinking beer is not allowed and instead of beer they have better habit which is drinking tea. If you are here even for the Morocco Tours tea is going to be your best friend. So, you will find two extra tea glasses on the tray and it is not going to be weird. Tea is delicious and after a long time you will like this tea as much as you used to like beer.

Moroccan are well known for being sharing people. Since giving food to strangers to drinking water in the same cup for you and your friends, these are actions that you will start doing it also because that is the way Moroccan do it in Morocco. So you will not ask any more for your cup. Moreover, if you are doing the Morocco Tours, trips it is not going to be weird to find a bottle of water in cafes or bars with two cups of water.


If you are a tourist the first thing that will catch your attention deals with driving and walking on the street. It is hard to drive in Morocco and some of the tourists are not aware that maybe it is their fault. The crosswalk is commonly ignored and you cross from wherever you like. After a while, you will start doing the same, but remember to be careful. Also, if you are driving it is common to ignore the red light sometimes, it seems like people did not have time to do that.

If you are a woman you will notice that men tend to be a little bit annoying. When you do the Morocco Tours it is important to be with company, do not walk alone or not go to places at midnight alone, it is for your safety. Otherwise if you are living here, you already know the rules and actually you will stop listening to their naughty comments and you will just ignore them.


You will love beach, and if you do not like it you will be wasting your time and you know that. If you do the Morocco tours you will know about the amazing places with many beaches you can visit. If you decide to stay here, you will come back to these places because let’s face it: Morocco beaches rule!

Also, when you become a Moroccan you are not afraid of doing certain things. You are not shy anymore, you talk to people, you offer food to strangers and you learn how to negotiate prices and you get better princes than ever.

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