Brexit and the consequences for Expat home owners in Spain

The UK’s decision to leave the EU (Brexit) and break away from Europe brings with it many unanswered questions about the future for expats in Spain and how this will change the process of buying a home in Spain and the effect of current British property owners in Spain.

The uncertainty is obviously causing unease among current property owners and potential buyers. It must be mentioned that Spain has a long and welcoming history for overseas property buyers. Many of these buyers come from outside the European Union and they have similar rights to European Union members. The United Kingdom leaving the EU will most likely not have any real detrimental effect for property owners in Spain and potential buyers. It still remains one of the major destinations for Brits with easy access from the UK and great value for buying property.


The UK and Spain have a long history way before the European Union membership in 1973, trade treaties have existed between the two countries going back many years.


For the next few years there is no changes expected to happen and the UK will still benefit from all the advantages of being a member of the EU.

It is mutually beneficial for the UK and Spain to have good relations for trade and reciprocal visitors which brings with it prosperity and jobs. UK residents love to retire to Spain after working and paying into the UK system their entire working lives and it as always been the No1 holiday destination for the British. Record numbers of Spanish work in the UK NHS and other areas such as hospitality construction, agriculture providing a great service.


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