Basics of dog training

Some say that my pet has snatched my clothes when I hang it for drying,other says that why this dog is so irritating, and why it is not following my commands. Well, this is because people do not know how to train their puppy and if they know, they are not able to implement it effectively. The most important thing before training your dog is to understand the basics of dog training. The basics of training will begin from setting a goal and how this goal could be effective in the entire training process.

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· Set a Goal

The first and foremost tip to train anything is to set a goal. Once you have set a certain goal, you can further go for ways to attain that aim. The goal of training a dog is to have a confidence, relaxed, and well-mannered dog. Always keep this thing in mind that you have a dominant rank over the dog, so never allows him to bark at you or catch you. Moreover, do not take the quirky qualities of the dog such as clowning.


· Age of dog training

It is always difficult to train a dog who has already established his habits. It is always challenging to train a puppy but that learned behavior is long lasting, so a dog of at least 3 months should be trained for basics such as Sit! Stand! or Stay!One should start to train his dog with some simple steps, and this would make a way towards the difficult learning behaviors as well.


· Be a good trainer

Apparently, it seems that dog training is not a rocket science, you just have to read some books or watch some relevant videos and you will learn everything about training a dog. But actually, this is not a case, dog training is the most difficult task and a trainer have to be experienced one in order to understand the body language of a dog.


· Attention span of the dog

There is a particular attention span of every living being, even the human being could not hold attention for more than 25 minutes. The attention span of a dog is 15 minutes, so keep in mind that your dog could not focus on training for more than 15 minutes. They key to make him learn effectively is to do two fifteen minutes sessions of training rather than a half hour training per day.


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